New Build: G-400x Stella

After crashing my Stevens Aero RV-4, I wanted to find a replacement park flyer sport plane. I thought about putting together another RV-4, but decided that something different might be fun. So this time, I opted for another Stevens Aero kit, the G-400x Stella.


I got my building table cleared off this weekend and started in on the (where else) the tail feathers. The laser cut Stevens Aero kits go together fast and easy, but they are delicate during assembly. The parts were dry fitted before flowing a bit of thin CA into the joints. I still need to add reinforcements and bushings for the elevator joining wire (which connects the two elevator haves). I’ve done a bit of very light clean-up sanding, but still need to round off the leading edges and shape the hinge line on the rudder and elevator haves. I will leave this until prepping for covering.


I will try to post progress on the build regularly. I hope it goes quick, because I want to get back in the air with another park flyer!

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