TF P-47 Tail Feathers Attached (Finally!)

I have recovered from my misstep from last weekend and made a small but critical step forward this weekend by getting the Stab and Fin glued onto the Fuselage. I have included a few shots of the dry fit up step before my epoxy fiasco from last weekend. I started by scribing the contour of the stab onto both the sides of the fin using a fine point marker. After trimming back to the scribe line with a Dermel sanding drum, I glued in a scrap of balsa to the bottom rib of the fin. This will provide a good wood to wood bonding surface between the fin and stab (the piece is countered slightly to match the crown of the stab). In hindsight, I wish I had thought to drill holes in the the fin and stab ribs to save a little weight. The last shot shows everything aligned and squared, ready for glue. I also verified that the stab is sitting with proper +1 deg incidence angle using my new handy-dandy incidence meter.

DSC00370 DSC00375


If you look close, you will notice that the extension to the tail of the fuse sheeting on the left side is broken off. This happened during dry fit-up, but I decided to wait until everything was glued up before fixing it.

I convinced myself that my problem from last week was not a bad mix of hardener into the epoxy, but rather that the temperature in my basement workshop was just too cool. My small space heater only gets the temperature up to about 55-57 deg. F in the winter. Comfortable enough to work in, but 15 deg. below the recommended minimum cure temperature for the epoxy I am using. So this weekend, I moved upstairs and set up on the dining room table (with plenty of newspaper). All went well, and the epoxy kicked over just as expected.


The postman showed up with a few goodies this week too!


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3 Responses to TF P-47 Tail Feathers Attached (Finally!)

  1. gcw2424 says:

    Hi Al,
    I hope all is well with you and I look forward to read more posts about the build. I don’t want to sound cheesey but I started my blog after seeing what you have done so far with yours.
    Best of luck!

    • ay8389 says:

      Thanks for commenting Greg. It’s been a while since I have posted (work keeps getting in the way). I look forward to following along with your build!


  2. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Nice explanation on building rc airplanes

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